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Andrew Pontius m. Anna Mary Bear


Husband: Andrew Pontius

Born: 9/5/1816 in OH

Died: after 1885 in Polk County, Iowa

Marriage: 2/3/1840

Father: John Pontius, Green Twp, Ross County, OH



Wife: (1)  Anna Mary Bear b. c1815 in PA, married 7 Oct 1841 in Ross Co., OH 

         (2)  Margaret Francis Nebergall b. 6 Aug 1831 in Augusta Co., VA, married 8 Aug 1852 McDonough Co., IL




   Franklin Pontius, b. c  1843 in OH 

          Married Elizabeth E. Unknown, born Van Buren Co., IA

          Children:  (10 children, 6 still living in 1910)

                  Rosa A., b. c1872 Iowa

                  David M., b. c1874 Iowa

                  Riley M., b. c1875 Iowa

                  Samuel A., b. c1877 Iowa

                  James Franklin, b. May 1879 Iowa

                  Elva, b. c1882

   Mary Pontius, b. c1845 in OH

 2 David Pontius, b: Nov 1846 in OH, d. 1933 in Polk County, IA

          Married Mary Unknown, born Apr 1852 in PA, married c1879

          Children:  (7 children by 1900, but only 5 living)

                   Peter Andrew, b. May 1880

                          Married Martha Roff, d/o Henry & Mary Roff


                                 Mary Pontius, b. c1911 Iowa

                                 William Pontius, b. c1914 Iowa

                                 Jennie Pontius, b. c1916 Iowa

                                 Edith Pontius, b. c1919 Iowa

                                 Ellsworth Pontius, b. c1922 Iowa

                                 Ernest Pontius, b. c1924 Iowa

                                 Harold Pontius, b. c1927 Iowa

                                 Robert Pontius, b. c1928 Iowa

                                 Ida May Pontius, b. 1929 Iowa

                   Elnora M., b. Apr 1883

                           Married Harry S. Farr c1907, son of Elmer E. and Emma Farr


                                 Mildred Farr, b. c1813 Iowa

                   Hugh F., b. June 1885

                           Married Nellie E. Unknown


                                  Henry Pontius, b. c1911 Iowa

                                  Harry F. Pontius, b. c1912 Iowa

                                  May C. Pontius, b. c1915 Iowa

                                  Howard Pontius, b. c1918 Iowa

                                  Hugh M. Pontius, b. c1921 Iowa

                                  Nellie Pontius, b. c1924 Iowa

                                  Nora J. Pontius, b. c1927 Iowa

                   Walter J., b. Jan 1887

                           Married Grace Unknown c1908


                                  Elnora Pontius, b. c1909 Iowa

                                  Elvera Pontius, b. c1911 Iowa

                                  Goldie Pontius, b. c1912 Iowa

                                  Thelma Pontius, b. c1915 Iowa

                                  Juanita Pontius, b. c1916 Iowa

                                  Walter Pontius, b. c1918 Iowa

                                  Jack Pontius, b. c1920 Iowa, died bef. 1930?

                                  Ruth Pontius, b. c1922 Iowa

                                  Betty Pontius, b. c1924 Iowa

                   William E., b. 1889

                            Married Alice Elizabeth Unknown


                                   Hazel C. Pontius, b. c1914 Iowa

                                   Malenia Pontius, b. c1917 Iowa

                                   Kenneth Pontius, b. c1920 Iowa

                                   Hester Pontius, b. c1922 Iowa

                                   James Pontius, b. c1924 Iowa

                                   Ellen Pontius, b. c1927 St. Louis, MO

                                   David Pontius, b. c1929 St. Louis MO

   Eleanor Pontius, b. c1849 in OH

   Samantha Pontius, b. c1854 in IL

 1 George W. Pontius, b. Aug 1856 in IL

          Married Nancy Elizabeth Starr, b. July 1866 in IA, married c1886


                   Lillie May, b. 18 Jan 1887, died before 1900

                   Goldie Fannie, b. 11 Sep 1891

                   Lovey Gladys, b. 30 Jul 1894

                          Married (1) bill Somers (2) Al Thompson (3) Clarence Ellis


                                  John Joy Ellis

                                  George Ellis

                                  James Ellis

                                  Charles Ellis

                   Joy Washington, b. 27 Oct 1896 in Washington Co., MO

                          Married Agatha Serverson


                                   Ray Alvin Pontius

                                   Blanche Louette Stout Pontius

                                   Verna Pontius m. Robert Plank

                                   Faye Pontius

                                   Leland Pontius

                                   Garnet Pontius

                   Pearl Marie Pontius, b. 11 May 1900

                   Lillie Minnesota Pontius, b. 11 Feb 1903

                   Jennie Dove Pontius, b. 22 July 1905

                           Married Leonard Amann


                                  Carl Amann

                                  Lewis Amann

                                  Leonard Amann

                                  Rosie Amann

                                  Marie Amann

                   Opal Adeline Pontius, b. 18 Jun 1908 in Kay County, OK

                           Married James Phyburn Ford, b. 11 Mar 1905 in Butler, KS


                                  Velda June Ford

                                  Nancy Lou Ford

                                  Max Veldon Ford

                                  James Pyburn Ford

                                  William Franklin Ford

                                  Zacchary J. Ford

                                  Jerald Ford

                                  Wanda Elaine Ford

                                  Robert L. Ford

   Clarissa E. Pontius, b. c1858 in IL


 Note:  The 1885 Iowa State census lists:

           Andrew Pontious, 73, born OH

           Marget Pontious, 50, born VA

           Eva Pontious, 14, born Polk Co, IA

           Marget A. Pontious, 12, born IL

           Edward Pontious, 9, born IL


This is definitely Andrew and Margaret, but whether the children are theirs is unknown.


 1 George W. Pontius descendency contributed by Arlene Wilkerson

 2 David Pontius descendency researcher Trevia Beverly