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Barbara Pontious (m. John Spees)


Barbara Pontius was born in Ohio on May 13, 1813.  She married John Spees in Ross County, Ohio, on September 9, 1832.  The couple moved to Union, Ohio (Auglaize County) some prior to 1850.


Barbara Pontious' father is unknown, but he apparently lived in Ross County, Ohio by 1813 and was born prior to 1795. 


**New Information**

An article was printed in The Bridge Builder (a Pontius Family Association publication) in October 1997 that refers to Barbara Pontius Spees as a daughter of John Pontius of Ross County, Green Township, Ohio.  The article was written by John W. and Jacqueline Pontious Riley.  A scan of the article is attached here, in the hope that it will help descendents and genealogists contact other researchers in this lineage.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the document.


The photo of Barbara Pontius Spees was copied from this website with our thanks:



Following is the Family Group Sheet with more detail about this family:


Wife: Barbara Pontius

Born: 13 May 1813 in: OH

Died: 07 Jun 1884 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown


Husband: John Spees

Born: 01 Jan 1815 in: Ross Co., OH

Died: 29 Jan 1893 in: Duchoquet Township, Auglaize Co., OH

Marriage: 09 Sep 1832 in: Ross Co., OH

Father: Matthias Spees

Mother: Elizabeth Aurandt



1 Name: Samuel Spees

Born: 07 Dec 1833

Died: 02 Feb 1909 in: McDonald Twp Hardin County, OH

Married: 21 Jul 1853 in: Auglaize co OH

Spouse: Malinda Hobbs


2 Name: Elizabeth Spees

Born: 09 Apr 1837 in: Union Township, Auglaize Co., OH

Died: 28 Feb 1923 in: Uniopolis, Auglaize co, OH, certificate

Married: 17 Jul 1853 in: Wapakoneta, Auglaize co, OH

Spouse: Allen Hobbs

Married: 25 Jan 1877 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Uriah Burden


3 Name: Jeremiah Spees

Born: 30 Mar 1839 in: OH

Died: 1923 in: OH

Married: 09 Jun 1866 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Sarah Jane Howe

Married: 07 Dec 1879 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Nancy Leech


4 Name: Josiah Spees

Born: 24 Dec 1839

Died: 28 Feb 1841 in: Auglaize Co., OH


5 Name: Loretta Ann Spees

Born: 20 Nov 1842 in: Auglaize Co., Ohio

Died: 10 Jan 1845 in: Auglaize Co., Ohio


6 Name: Louisa Spees

Born: 01 Apr 1844 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Died: 14 Apr 1915

Married: 16 Aug 1871 in: Allen/ Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: George Orr


7 Name: Margaret H. Spees

Born: 01 Dec 1846 in: Auglaize county OH

Died: 26 Mar 1873 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Married: 31 Jan 1869 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Oscar Bebb Williams


8 Name: Sylvenus S. Spees

Born: 09 Jan 1849 Wapakoneta, Auglaize Co., OH

Died: 17 Jun 1936 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Married: 11 Feb 1872 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Sarah Catherine Parlett


9 Name: Stephen Decatur Spees

Born:  c1851 in: Auglaize county OH

Died: 1942 in: Tulsa, OK

Married: 13 Nov 1869 in: Auglaize Co., OH

Spouse: Sarah J. Blank

Married: 1896 in: Indiana

Spouse: Lucy De Vore



Margaret Morrissey, descendent