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Marcus Pontzius and David Pontzius



The following narratives represent the known facts about Marcus and David Pontzius, two men who are assumed to be brothers, both of whom immigrated to America on 3 October 1768 on the ship Pennsylvania Packet. 




Marcus Pontzius was born circa 1746, apparently in Germany. He is listed among those who took the Oath of Allegiance on 3 Oct 1768 in Philadelphia, PA, having arrived on the ship Pennsylvania Packet.  Marcus bought the homestead of John Jacob Kline in Lehigh Co, Pennsylvania, on 1 Apr 1769.  In 1772 he appeared on the tax list for Weisenberg Twp., Lehigh County, Penn. 


Marcus Pontzius married Maria Elisabeth (surname unknown) before 23 April 1775, at which time they were sponsors at the baptism of Maria Elizabeth Colemann, daughter of Jacob & Maria Elizabeth Colemann (born Mar. 28, 1775) at DeLong's Reformed Church, Berks Co., PA.  Between 1778, 1780 and 1787 Marcus Pontius appeared on the tax lists for Augusta Twp., Berks Co., Penn.  In 1790 he was enumerated in the census of Berks County, PA.  He died between 15 Apr 1791 and 10 Oct 1791 at Sunbury, PA.  His will, filed in Northumberland County, PA, acknowledges a daughter named Elizabeth and a widow named Elizabeth, and distributes two pieces of property that he owned.




1.  Elizabeth Pontius was born circa 1776 in Pennsylvania




David Pontzius was born before 1750, apparently in Germany.  He is listed among those who took the Oath of Allegiance on 3 Oct 1768 in Philadelphia, PA, having arrived on the ship Pennsylvania Packet. 


David married Anna Elizabeth Weidmann on 13 Jan 1774 at St. Michael's & Zion Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, PA.  His military service, which is indexed in the Philadelphia Archives, includes the following:


     Jul 1777:        Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania, 3rd Battalion, 6th Company under Capt. George Reinhard

     1777-1779:     Philadelphia City, PA, 3rd Battalion, 6th Company (listed as David Poncius), Reinhardt's Co.

     1779:             Philadelphia, Philadelphia City, PA, 4th Company 3rd Batt. (listed as David Pontious) 

     1785:             Ensign in George Reinhard's Company, Batt. 3 (this info from The Bridge Builder, a Pontius Family Assn. publication)


David Pontzius has not been found in any census records, nor is any further information known about him at this time, other than births of the children listed below.  A search request for his military records failed to produce any documentation.  He was mentioned in the estate records, c1784, of George Burkhard of Cumru Township, Berks County, PA.




1.  Anna Barbara Pontius was baptized 23 April 1777 at St. Michael’s & Zion Lutheran, Philadelphia, Pa


2.  Anna Maria Pontius was born on 11 Aug 1784, and was baptized 12 September 1784 by Rev. Waldschmidt.  Her baptism was sponsored by Jacob Hoffer and Anna. 


2.  Johan Peter Pontius was born about August 1786, and on 24 October 1786, at the age of 9 weeks, he was baptized by Rev. William Boos at Schwartzwald Reformed Church in Berks County, PA. 





Another child, Johannes Pontius, baptized 18 July 1775, was listed in the records of St. Michael’s and Zion Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, whose parents are listed as “Johann Adam and Elisabeth.”  There is no further information about this child.


According to the Palatine State Archives, two brothers, Johan David Pontius and Johan Philip Pontius were granted a license to emigrate to America, and the records indicate they imported at Philadelphia in 1768. Johan David was born 9 March 1738 and Johan Philip was younger. Their parents were Andreas and Anna Marie Pontius of Niederbrombach, Zweibrueken, Duchy of Birkenfeld.  The timeframe of emigration and importation coincides with the arrival of David and Marcus Pontzius in America, although it cannot as yet be confirmed that these are the same men.



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