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Nicholas Pontius, Prussian Immigrant, of Todd County, Minnesota



1.  NICHOLAS PONTIUS  (NICHOLAS) was born 04 August 1828 in Landscheid, Prussia, and died 17 July 1911 in Todd County, Minnesota, USA.  His parents were Nicolas Pontius and Anna Maria Weyrich.  He married (1) MAGDALENA PIERI before 1857.  She was born 1826 in Prussia, and died 1876 in Todd County, Minnesota, USA.  He married (2) MAGDALENA WALDACK after 1876 in Todd County, Minnesota.  She was born January 1836 in West Prussia and died 15 July 1911 in Todd County, Minnesota, USA.  Nicholas entered the United States in 1842 and was naturalized in 1854.



2.                i.    BERNARD PONTIUS, b. December 1857, Chicago, Cook County, IL; d. About 1908, Grey Eagle, Minnesota

                  ii.    EVA PONTIUS, b. 1858, Chicago, Cook County, IL.

                 iii.    ANNE PONTIUS, b. May 1860, Chicago, Cook County, IL.

3.              iv.    ANNA MARY PONTIUS, b. 09 July 1861, Chicago, Cook County, IL; d. 21 January 1937, Todd County, Minnesota

                 v.    MARTIN G. PONTIUS, b. August 1863, Chicago, Cook County, IL; d. 03 November 1905, Ankona County, Minnesota

                 vi.    NICHOLAS PONTIUS, b. January 1868, Chicago, Cook County, IL

                vii.    JOHN F. PONTIUS, b. August 1870, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota

4.            viii.    JOSEPH PONTIUS, b. 1873, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota

                 ix.    ORLAN PONTIUS, b. 1876, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota; d. Before1880.




5.               x.    PETER J. PONTIUS, b. 26 August 1878, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota; d. 14 May 1952, Hennepin, Minnesota.

                 xi.    FREDERICK PONTIUS, b. February 1880, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota.

   Note: This must be 'Sild' Pontius, as per Chronik Pontius-Famalien by Rudi Pontius

                xii.    THERESA PONTIUS, b. March 1881, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota.



Generation No. 2


2.  BERNARD PONTIUS (NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born December 1857 in Chicago, Cook County, ILlinois, and died about 1908 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota.  He married CAROLINE HOFFARTH About. 1882 in Long Prairie, Minnesota, daughter of LEO HOFFARTH and MARGARETH FISHER.  She was born August 1864 in Carlsrhue, Ontario, Canada, and died 1928.



                  i.    MARGARET PONTIUS, b. July 1885, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. Deceased, Seattle, WA; m. BUN UNKNOWN; d. Before 1970, Auburn, WA.

                  ii.    WILLIAM G. PONTIUS, b. 28 July 1887, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. March 1977, WA

                 iii.    HENRY PONTIUS, b. 25 September 1889, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. December 1961, Tacoma, WA; m. TESSIE INEZ BARRETT, August 1914, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; b. 12 June 1891, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. 31 October 1918, Admiral, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  - Note - Canadian land grant near Admiral, Saskatchewan

6.              iv.    JOSEPHINE PONTIUS, b. July 1891, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. Before. 1945.

                 v.    FREDERICK PONTIUS, b. 15 April 1894, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. December 1962, WA.; m. JACKIE.

  - Note - Canadian land grant near Crichton, Saskatchewan

7.              vi.    CAROLINE FREDERIKA PONTIUS, b. 15 June 1896, Grey Eagle, Minnesota; d. 27 November 1986, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

                          - Note - Canadian land grant near Weyburn, Saskatchewan

8.             vii.    EVA CATHERINE PONTIUS, b. 19 September 1900, Grey Eagle, Todd County, Minnesota; d. April 1979, Los Angeles, California

               viii.    BENJAMIN PONTIUS, b. 20 December 1904, Grey Eagle, Minnesota.



3.  ANNA MARY PONTIUS (NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born 09 July 1861 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and died 21 January 1937 in Todd County, Minnesota, USA.  She married FREDERICK DINKEL 03 June 1879 in Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota.  He was born 15 March 1854 in Germany, and died 02 April 1917 in Todd County, Minnesota.



                  i.    MARY ANN DINKEL, b. 1880, Todd County, Minnesota.

                  ii.    JOHN B. DINKEL, b. 17 July 1881, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota; d. 14 July 1967, Cass, Minnesota.

                 iii.    FRANCIS BENJAMIN DINKEL, b. 09 March 1883, Minnesota; d. 31 May 1971, Todd County, Minnesota.

                 iv.    MAGDALENA L. DINKEL, b. July 1884, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota

                 v.    LOUIS BENJAMIN DINKEL, b. 08 April 1886, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota; d. 15 May 1955, Otter Tail, Minnesota

9.              vi.    THERESA ELIZABETH DINKEL, b. 22 January 1889, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota; d. 21 February 1973, Morris, Stevens, Minnesota.

                vii.    ALLMINIA DINKEL, b. 15 May 1891, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota;  d. 03 July 1955, Hennepin, Minnesota.

               viii.    CLEMENTINE DINKEL, b. 20 February 1893, Hartford, Todd, Minnesota;  d. 08 March 1971, Clay, Minnesota.

                 ix.    UNKNOWN DINKEL, b. about 1897, Todd County, Minnesota

                 x.    GEORGE H. DINKEL, b. 02 December 1900, Todd County, Minnesota

                 xi.    HELEN M. DINKEL, b. 26 February 1902, Todd County, Minnesota d. 05 March 1991, Ramsey, Minnesota; m. UNKNOWN SCHOEN.

                xii.    ISABELLE DINKEL, b. 30 September 1902, Todd County, Minnesota.



4.  JOSEPH PONTIUS (NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born 1873 in Hartford, Todd, Minnesota.  He married ELIZABETH NESSLINE 1895 in Iowa, USA.  She was born 1874 in Germany.



                  i.    BENJAMIN PONTIUS, b. 1899, Minnesota.

                  ii.    MARY PONTIUS, b. 1900, Iowa.

                 iii.    MARGARET PONTIUS, b. 1902, Iowa.

                 iv.    MATTHEW PONTIUS, b. 1905, Iowa.

                 v.    HERMAN PONTIUS, b. 1907, Iowa.

                 vi.    IDA PONTIUS, b. 1908, Iowa.

                vii.    PETER EDWARD PONTIUS, b. 16 November 1909, Minnesota.

               viii.    HENRY A. PONTIUS, b. 17 November 1911, Minnesota.

                 ix.    IRENE PONTIUS, b. 1915, Minnesota.

                 x.    DONALD PONTIUS, b. 1917, Minnesota.

                 xi.    RICHARD PONTIUS, b. 1921, Minnesota.



5.  PETER J. PONTIUS (NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born 26 August 1878 in Hartford, Todd, Minnesota, and died 14 May 1952 in Hennepin, Minnesota.  He married MARY E. FROELICH 1906 in Minnesota, daughter of UNKNOWN FROELICH and UNKNOWN DANNENFELDT.  She was born 13 October 1881 in Minnesota, and died 21 December 1970 in Hennepin, Minnesota.



                  i.    WILLEBALD J.  (Willard) PONTIUS, b. 25 December 1906, Todd County, Minnesota, USA.

                  ii.    MARIE THERESA PONTIUS, b. 04 February 1908, Minnesota; d. 17 March 1994, Todd County, Minnesota;  m. UNKNOWN KNAPP.

                 iii.    HILARIA MAGDELENA PONTIUS, b. 02 May 1909, Todd County, Minnesota, USA.

                 iv.    NESTOR AUGUSTINE PONTIUS, b. 29 March 1910, Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota; d. 01 April 1987, St Louis, Minnesota.

                 v.    LEONA CAROLINA PONTIUS, b. 27 July 1911, Todd County, Minnesota; d. 22 October 1911, Todd County, Minnesota, USA.

                 vi.    LYDIA CATHERINA PONTIUS, b. 27 July 1911, Todd County, Minnesota; d. 02 November 1911, Todd County, Minnesota, USA.

                vii.    GERTRUDE HELEN PONTIUS, b. 01 September 1912, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota; d. 21 May 1989, Hennepin, Minnesota; m. UNKNOWN SEDERBERG.

               viii.    EDWARD B. PONTIUS, b. 13 December 1913, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota; d. 16 October 1986, Pennington, Minnesota.

                 ix.    ALBERT JOHN PONTIUS, b. 08 September 1915, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota.

                 x.    HELENA B. PONTIUS, b. 1918, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota.

                 xi.    JOHN F. PONTIUS, b. 1919, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota.

                xii.    LEO STEPHEN PONTIUS, b. 21 November 1920, Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota; d. 23 March 1996, Hennepin, Minnesota.



Generation No. 3


6.  JOSEPHINE PONTIUS (BERNARD, NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born July 1891 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota, and died before 1945.  She married UNKNOWN before 1930 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota. 



                  i.    ROBERT UNKNOWN, b. 1930.

  - Note - Raised by Margaret Pontius and her husband Bun in Auburn, WA, after the death of his mother.


7.  CAROLINE FREDERIKA PONTIUS (BERNARD3, NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 15 June 1896 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota, and died 27 November 1986 in Toronto, Ontario.  She married LESTER ROY ANDERSON 1917 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota, son of JOSHUA ANDERSON and ELIZABETH STOTHERS.  He was born 04 June 1883 in Northfield, Masham Township, Ottawa County, Quebec, and died 1951 in Hamilton, Ontario.

 Lived for a time in Nashwalk, Minnesota.  Moved to Ottawa in 1930.



                  i.    FREDERICK EARL ANDERSON, b. 18 May 1918, Weyburn, Saskatchewan; d. 11 April 1971, Toronto, Ontario; married in 1945.


                  ii.    GORDON ROY ANDERSON, b. 1920, Weyburn,  Saskatchewan; d. 1971, Ottawa, Ontario; married in 1947.


9.  EVA CATHERINE PONTIUS (BERNARD, NICHOLAS, NICHOLAS) was born 19 September 1900 in Grey 8Eagle, Todd County, Minnesota, and died April 1979 in Los Angeles, CA.  She married DENNIS BERGSTROM about 1920 in Grey Eagle, Minnesota.  He was born 16 March 1894, and died November 1974 in Los Angeles, CA.



                  i.    JUNE BERGSTROM, b. about 1922.

                  ii.    GLORIA BERGSTROM, b.  about 1930.



9.  THERESA ELIZABETH DINKEL (ANNA MARY3 PONTIUS, NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) was born 22 January 1889 in Hartford, Todd, Minnesota - Page 302A- age 22, and died 21 February 1973 in Morris, Stevens, Minnesota.  She married CONRAD FRANCIS BOTZ 29 October 1907 in Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota, son of JACOB BOTZ and ELIZABETH WOLTER.  He was born 29 January 1881 in Getty Twp., Benton, Minnesota, and died 19 September 1963 in Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota.



                  i.    MARGARET ANN BOTZ, b. 04 September 1908, Spaulding, Todd, Minnesota; m. CLARENCE WILLIAM GOULDE; b. 15 May 1912, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota.

                  ii.    SYLVESTER JOHN BOTZ, b. 28 April 1910, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; d. 03 April 1992, St Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota; m. MARINE VERONICA MEYER, 15 October 1935, Meire Grove, Stearns, Minnesota; b. 27 August 1912, Meire Grove, Stearns, Minnesota.

                 iii.    RAYMOND FREDERICK BOTZ, b. 08 July 1911, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; d. 19 October 1990, Todd County, Minnesota, USA; m. ABBIE MAE WOOD, 07 July 1945, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; b. 24 April 1911, Brekenridge, Wilkin, Minnesota.

                 iv.    LAWRENCE BOTZ, b. 31 May 1914, Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota.

                 v.    LAURETTA THERESA BOTZ, b. 02 August 1916, Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota; m. JULIUS EDWARD KORF, 03 January 1942, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; b. 30 November 1917, Getty Twp., Benton, Minnesota.

                 vi.    NORBERT LOUIS BOTZ, b. 06 June 1918, Freeport, Stearns, Minnesota; m. IRENE EVELYN THOMPSON.

                vii.    RUTH MARIE BOTZ, b. 26 September 1920, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; m. BASIL ADOLPH HERBST, 12 January 1946, St-Paul's Church, Sauk Centre, Stearns, Minnesota; b. 30 September 1913, St-George Twp., Benton, Minnesota.

               viii.    CONRAD GEORGE BOTZ, b. 1922, Todd County, Minnesota, USA; m. (1) EVELYN MARY SCHIEFFER; m. (2) BEVERLY JEANNE HAUGBERG.

                 ix.    RICHARD PETER BOTZ, b. 30 July 1924, Todd County, Minnesota, USA; d. 28 April 1998, Jordan, Scott, Minnesota; m. VERONICA CATHERINE LAIS.






Chronik Pontius-Familien by Rudi Pontius:



GRETEN, Johann (Joes) PONTIUS - PONTZIN - PONSAIN, Matthias) wurde am

04. August 1828 in Landscheid geboren. Er starb am 17. Juli 1911 in Todd CO,

Minnesota, USA. Er wurde auf St.Mary`s Cemetery bestattet.


Taufpaten waren Nicolas Eller und Catharina Schiffer, geb. Heinz, aus

Landscheid.  Nicolaus Pontius war ebenfalls nach Nordamerika ausgewandert.

Nicolaus heiratete Magdalena PLERI in Todd CO, Minnesota, USA . Magdalena wurde in

Deutschland geboren. Sie starb 1876 in Todd CO, Minnesota, USA.  Nicolaus und

Magdalena hatten die folgenden Kinder:


55 M i. Bernard PONTIUS wurde im Dezember 1857 in Illinois, USA geboren.

56 M ii. Martin G. PONTIUS wurde im August 1863 in Illinois, USA geboren.

57 W iii. Anna Mary PONTIUS wurde 1865 in Illinois, USA geboren.

58 M iv. Nicholas, Jr. PONTIUS wurde im Januar 1868 in Illinois, USA


59 M v. John PONTIUS wurde im August 1870 in Minnesota, USA geboren.

60 M vi. Joseph PONTIUS wurde 1873 in Minnesota, USA geboren.

61 M vii. Orlan PONTIUS wurde 1876 in Minnesota, USA, geboren.

62 M viii. Peter J. PONTIUS wurde am 26. August 1878 in Long Prarie,

Todd CO, Minnesota geboren.

63 M ix. Sild PONTIUS wurde im Februar 1880 in Minnesota, USA geboren.

64 W x. Theresa PONTIUS wurde im März 1887 in Minnesota, USA geboren.


In 2. Ehe heiratete Nicolaus Magdalena WALDACK (WOLDACH). Magdalena

wurde am 08. Januar 1836 in Deutschland (West-Preussen) geboren. Sie starb

am 15. Juli 1911 in Todd CO, Minnesota, USA und wurde auf St.Mary`s Cemetery

bestattet.  Kinder aus dieser Ehe sind nicht bekannt.”


Note:  The reference in the second paragraph to the marriage in 1876 of Nicolas Pontius to Magdalena Pieri in Todd County, Minnesota is not correct.   I believe that his first wife was Magdalena Pieri.  His second wife was Magdalena Waldack.  


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Canadian Census – 1881, 1901

Minnesota Historical Society – Birth Index, Death Index





Jeri Anderson