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Pontius Burials - Ohio



Franklin County - Fernwood Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.



Pontious, Lyman A. son of T.R. & M.J., died Jan 22, 1893, aged 22 y 11 m 16 d (photo on website)


Fulton County - Ruppert Cemetery (Gould's), York Twp.



PONTIOUS, Samuel, 10 Feb 1898 Ae 85y-lm-20d

Rebecca (m) w/o S., 11 May 1899 Ae 82y-1m-2d

PONTIOUS, Simon P., 1832 - 1899


Jefferson County - Brush Creek Baptist Church Cemetery (aka Dennis Cemetery)


PONTIOUS, Hannah, w/o Geo. Pontious, d. 20 Nov 1848, age 51y 8m 5d


Marion County - Pleasant Liberty Cemetery, Pleasant Twp.



PONTIUS, Hannah 1837 - 1917

PONTIUS, Julia 1839 - 1906

PONTIUS, Leah 1816 - 1887

PONTIUS, Mary 1844 - 1920

PONTIUS, William 1814 - 1845


Marion County - Collmer Cemetery, Richland Twp.



PONTIUS, Jacob s/o John d.(illegible)

PONTIUS, John d Nov 12 1854 Aged: 43y 7m 17d

PONTIUS, Julia Ann d Aug 19 1842 Aged: 25y 8m w/o J.& d/o D.& E. Worline


Marion County - Idleman Cemetery, Pleasant Twp.



PONTIUS, Esther d Jan 16 1859 Aged: 37y 1m 19d

PONTIUS, Mary Ellen d/o J.& C. d Mar 17 1862 Aged: 6y 1m 26d

PONTIUS, Peter d Jan 25 1853 Aged: 32y 10m

PONTIUS, Susanna w/o William d Nov 7 1836 Aged: 52y 6m 10d

PONTIUS, William d Sep 25 1832 Aged: 50y 7m 3d

PONTIUS, William d Jan 1845 (stone found in nearby barn, dates & age illegible)


Marion County - St. John's Reformed Cemetery, Richland Twp.



PONTIUS, Susanna d Dec 6 1854 Age 37y 2m 6d w/o John, d/o J&S Neiswander


Montgomery County - Hill Grove Cemetery



Pontius, Minerva, b. 1854, d. 1925
Pontius, Serenus, b. 1844, d. 1926
Pontius, William E., b. 1873, d. 1939, Father
Ponyius, Ira Elwood, b. 18 May 1890, d. 17 Nov 1908
Reedy, Edna Pontius, b. 1885, d. 1910


Montgomery County - Stettler Church Cemetery, Miami Township

(copied from Gateway to the West)


Pontius, Elizabeth died July 7, 1862 age 55 yrs 9 mo 13 days

Pontius, John died Nov. 14, 1900 age 81 yrs 9 mo 5 days (see Mary M.)

Pontius, Mary M. wife of John Pontius died Jan. 9, 1885 age 68 yrs 5 mo 15 days

Pontius, Abraham died Dec. 16, 1862

Pontius, Eve Catherine wife of Abraham Pontius, died Nov. 3, 1862 age 84 yrs 1 mo 15 days

Pontius, Elizabeth wife of D. Pontius [stone broken, no dates]

Pontius, Sarah Ann dau of Daniel and Sarah, died July 2, 1861 age 8 yrs 7 mo 11 days

Pontius, Daniel son of D & S. died July 9, 1861 aged 3 yrs 20 days

Pontius, John son of D & S. died July 19, 1861 aged 11 yrs 1 mo.

Pontius, Samuel son of D & S. died July 9, 1861 aged 2 yrs 27 da.

Pontius, Henry son of D & S. died Jan. 27, 1847 aged 2 yr. 8 m. 20 da.

Pontius, Infant dau of D & S. died Jan 26 1847 age 21 da.

Pontius, Emma, dau of J & M died Oct. 18, 1865, aged 7 yrs 28 da.

Pontius, Malinda dau of J & M. died Oct. 17, 1865 aged 18 yr 1 m. 12 d.

Pontius, Andrew son o fJ & M died Oct. 5, 1865 aged 8 yrs 8 m. 11 da.


Montgomery County - Pontius Cemetery, German Township

(copied from Gateway to the West)


Pontius, Peter, born in Pa. Jan. 10, 1823 died April 25, 1850 aged 27 y 3 m 15 d.

Pontius, Catharine wife of Frederic Pontius & dau of Anthony Miller born in Berks Co. Pa Sep 30 1794

             died Oct. 3, 1843 aged 43 yrs 3 da.

Pontius, Frederick died July 7, 1868 aged 78 yr 10 m 19 da.


Pickaway County - Pontious Church Cemetery, Circleville



Harnett, Catharine, b: 02/21/1849, d: 04/02/1862, Age 17 d/o James B. and Mary Pontious Harnett

Harnett, James B., b: 01-06-1809, d: 12-01-1865, Age: 56 h/o Mary Pontious Harnett


Pickaway County - Tarlton Cemetery



Pontius, Charles A., b. 1849, d. 1942
Pontius, Charles W., b. 1895, d. blank, WWI
Pontius, Edward F., b. 23 May 1853, d. 12 Mar 1915
Pontius, Virginia B., b. 1856, d. 1908


Pickaway County - Tarlton Cemetery



PONTIUS, Virginia B., 1856 - 1908
PONTIUS, Charles A., 1849 - 1942
PONTIUS, Charles W., 1895 - 1980 [Pvt. 1st Cl.110th  INF. Co. G 28th Div. W. W. I]
PONTIUS, Leah E. (Crites), 1817 - 1903
PONTIUS, Homer E., 1806 - 1911
PONTIUS. Anna L., 1854 - 1950
PONTIUS, Malinda A., wife of Daniel Pontius, Jan. 25, 1867, aged    26y 11m 22d


Pickaway County - Prairie View (Mound Hill) Cemetery, Salt Creek Township



Pontious, Mary Frederick 1835 1922. (Beside Peter Pontious)

Pontious, Olive Estella 1858 1949. (Beside Winifred Clarence Pontious)

Pontious, Peter 1832 1909

Pontious, Winifred Clarence 1858 1927


Ross County - Green Summit Cemetery, Colerain Township



Pontious, Chauncey B. b. April 18, 1870; d. May 14, 1947 &

Louella Bowsher Pontious, b. August 22, 1872; d. August 26, 1961, w/o Chauncey B.

Pontious, David B. b. April 18, 1910; d. May 4, 1995

Lela Dresbach Pontious, b. July 29, 1909; d. February 11, 1999, w/o David B.


Ross County - White Churches Cemetery, Colerain Township


Puntzius, Andreas, born Dec. 29, 1745, died Aug. 8, 1825 aged 79 yrs 7 mos 9 days

Pontious, Barbara Ann Sherman, wife of Andrew, Born April 22, 1749 died Jan. 13, 1831 age 81y 8m 22d

Pontius, Conrad died Dec. 5, 1874 aged 76 yrs 4 mos 20 days

Pontius, Mary (w/o Conrad) died May 22, 1877 aged 77 yrs 4 mos 7 days

Pontius, Jacob died Jan. 24, 1833 aged 48 yrs 9 mos 11 days

Pontius, John died Feb. 27, 1837 aged 55 yrs 3 mos 17 days

Pontius, Frederick died Aug. 5, 1823 aged 64 yrs 2 mos

Pontius, Catherine Reedy (w/o Frederick), died Aug. 9, 1823 aged 52 yrs 8 mos

Reedy, Conrad died Dec. 15, 1839 aged 66 yrs 3 mos 23 days

Reedy, Catherine his wife, d/o Andrew & Barbara Pontious, died Aug. 10, 1824 aged 49 yrs 8 mos 5 days

Zimmerman: Wife of Martin and daughter of Andreas and Barbara Puntzius, died July 12, 1824

                   aged 47 yrs 4 mos 7 days (In German)


Stark County - Henry Cemetery (aka Holy Trinity Lutheran or Warstler's Church), Plain Twp., OH

     GSP Coordinates:  LAT 40.8598, LONG -81.3344 - Location: corner Middlebranch Rd. & 55th St. NE


Pontius, Josephine Flenniken 1857-2940 

Pontius, Nellie F. 1880-1967

Pontius, Adam  1865-1958

Pontius, Maria Yoder 1845-1902 

Pontius, M.L. 1845-1925

Pontius, William J. 1865-1950

Pontius, Andrew V. 1840-1923

Pontius, Emanuel  1831-1888



Stark County - West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, OH (Submitted by Fred Gray)


Pontius, Andrew, d. 17 Jan 1913, bur. 20 Jan 1913 (Sec I, Lot 196) - age 83y 4m 25de

Pontius, Sarah J., d. 15 Dec 1912, bur. 15 Dec 1912 (Sec I, Lot 196) - age 84y 8m 16d

                             Born in PA, Died in Mt. Vernon Home, Plain Twp., w/o Andrew Pontius

Miller, Rebecca E., d. 18 May 1948, bur. 28 May 1946 (Sec I, Lot 196) d/o Andrew Pontius

Miller, Edward C., d. 19 Jan 1957, bur. 22 Jan 1957 (Sec I, Lot 196), husb of Rebecca Pontius

                             Born New Market, VA

Pontius, Dr. Lorin Worth, d. 19 Jun 1910 (bur. Sec. D, Lot 51), husb of Marie G. Pontius

                             Married 26 Oct 1883 to Marie Gillmore, born Plain Twp, Stark County, OH

                             Died in Gallipolis, Ohio State Hospital for Epilepsy

Pontius, Dr. Marie G., d. 12 Dec 1912, bur. 17 Dec 1912 (Sec N, Lot 10), w/o Dr. Lorin W. Pontius

                             Born at Gilmore, OH, died at Canton, OH

Pontius, Ida, wife of Dr. L.W. Pontius, bur. Sec D, Lot 51 (no records)

Pontius, Glancy C., d. 14 Aug 1927, bur 17 Aug 1927 (Sec U, Lot 21), age 69y 3m 3d

                             Survived by 2nd wife Laura Sharp Pontius

Pontius, Andrew V., d. 5 May 1919, bur. 10 May 1919, age 18y, s/o Glancy C. Pontius

                             Died in US Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

Pontius, Maria C., d. 10 Jan 1915, bur. 12 Jan 1915 (Sec U, Lot 21), 1st w/o Glancy C. Pontius

                             Age 57y 6m

Pontius, Laura Sharp, d. 20 Jan 1930, bur 23 Jan 1930 (Sec S, Lot 36), age 67y, w/o Glancy C. Pontius,

                             Born at Wooster, Ohio

Pontius, Jackson W., d. 2 Jul 1909, bur. 4 Jul 1909 (Sec I, Lot 121, part of north 1/2 lot), age 54y 2m 15d,

                             Survived by  wife Ella I. Pontius

Pontius, Ella I., d. 27 Apr 1935, bur. 30 Apr 1935 (Sec I, Lot 121), widow of Jackson W. Pontius

Pontius, Lewis, d. 8 Jun 1915, bur. 10 Jun 1915 (Sec D, Lot 76), husb of Emma R. Pontius,

                             died in Nimishilen Twp.

Pontius, Emma R., d. 7 Oct 1933, bur. 10 Oct 1933 (Sec D, Lot 76), age 78y, w/o Lewis Pontius

Pontius, Leonard, d. 9 Mar 1935, bur. 12 Mar 1935 (Sec SBG, Lot 389), age 48y, s/o Lewis Pontius

Pontius, Emma Van Horn, d. 8 Aug 1951, bur. 17 Aug 1951 (Sec. C, Lot 34), age 82y, d/o J. Wesley Unger,

                              1st husband was Thomas B. Van Horn, 2nd husband was William J. Pontius

Aungst, Maurice E., d. 12 Dec 1912, bur. 17 Dec 1912 (Sec C, Lot 37), age 57y 10m, h/o Lucy Pontius Aungst

Aungst, Lucy M., d. 23 Dec 1935, bur. 26 Dec 1935 (Sec. C, Lot 37)

Aungst, James M., d. 29 Jun 1964, bur. 1 Jul 1964

Aungst, Grace, d. 13 Jan 1968



Wayne County - Canaan Center Cemetery, Canaan Township, OH


Pontius, Daniel died Oct 1948



Wayne County - Chestnut Hill-Doylestown Cemetery, Chippewa Township, OH


Pontius, Albert H. 1905-1962

Pontius, Dorothy e., 1908-

Pontius, Pearl S. w/o V. L. 1886-1921



Wayne County - Crown Hill Cemetery, Green Township, OH


Pontius, Jacob, b. 1825, buried 10 Apr 1902 - 77 years

Pontius, Mary, b. 1823, buried 14 Jun 1902 - 79 years

Pontius, Flora Ann, b. 1858, buried 29 Apr 1942 - 84 years

Pontius, Frank, b. 1854, buried 19 Jan 1944 - 90 years

Pontius, Nova Mead, buried 15 Jun 1922, 29 years

Pontius, Martha Taggart, buried 22 Feb 1923, 67 years

Pontius, Isaac, buried 25 Aug 1932, 88 years

Pontius, Howard T., buried 28 Aug 1967, 73 years

Pontius, Lillian, buried 4 Mar 1968, 73 years

Pontius, George E., buried 12 Dec 1924, 66 years

Pontius, Mary A., buried 30 Apr 1928

Pontius, Anna E., b. 1880, buried 1937, 56 years

Pontius, Lee Clates, b. 1883, buried 23 Nov 1965, 82 years

Pontius, Ellen, b. 1869, buried 19 Jun 1921, 52 years

Pontius, Helen, b. 1911, buried 24 Jun 1924, 13 years

Pontius, Alfred M. b. 1876, buried 16 Feb 1946, 70 years



Wayne County - Geyers Chapel Cemetery, Wayne Township, OH


Pontius, Eliza J., daughter of E. Shisler



Wayne County - St. Michael's Lutheran Cemetery, Marshallville, OH (Submitted by Fred Gray)


These folks from Jonathan of Frederick Lineage (J1-12):

Pontius, Ervin W., 1873-1918 (husband of Nettie O)

Pontius, Nettie O. (nee Sindeldecker), 1875-1957 (wife of Ervin)

              Married 25 Dec 1900, on record in Probate Court, Stark Co., OH)

Sindeldecker, William, 1845-1926 (stone beside Erwin's, not Pontius relation)

Sindeldecker, Mary, 1858-1908 (w/o William)

Pontius, Warren J., b. 25 Dec 1865, d. 10 Mar 1947, uncle of Merl O. Pontius

Pontius, Cora B. L., d/o Wm. & J.A. Pontius, d. 3 Feb 1867, 3m 13d

Pontius, Almira, d/o W. & J.A. Pontius, d. 10 Jun 1861, age 6y 6m 12d

Pontius, Julia A. Clapper, w/o W. L. Pontius, b. 3 Aug 1884, d. 11 Nov 1908

Pontius, William L., b. 24 Feb 1829, d. 5 May 1897

Grady, Eleanora, w/o Wm. Grady, born May 7

Miller, Ellen, w/o Josiah Miller, D. 19 Sep 1866

Another Plot:

Pontius, Jonathan, d. 6 Mar 1878, age 81y 1m 15d

Pontius, Anna B., w/o J., d. 14 Jul 1856, age 58y 3m 13d

Pontius, Anna Margaret, d. 17 Dec 1860, age 85y 3m 10d - this could be w/o Frederick

Billman, Anna Margaret, w/o Jacob Billman, d. 5 Feb 1891, age 68y 4m 28d

Pontius, George W., d. 21 Jul 1843, age 19y 4m 18d

Pontius, Frederick, d. 18 Nov 1858, age 32y 17d

Pontius, Sidney C., 1885-1966

Pontius, William J., 1864-1945

Pontius, Andrew Jacobson, 1838-1913 "Father"

Pontius, Amanda L. 1844-1900 "Mother"



Wayne County, Ohio - Smithville Cemetery, Smithville, OH


Pontius, Theodore, 1856-1946

Pontius, Mary A., 1857-1954

Pontius, Kittie Inga, 5 May 1886 - 26 Dec 1892

Pontius, Iva May, 26 Jun 1894 - 25 Jul 1894

Pontius, Daniel B., 1865-1910

Pontius, Lillie N. w/o Daniel B., 1870-1932

Pontius, Howard J., s/o Daniel & Lillie, b. 13 Jul 1898

Pontius, Merl O., 25 Jul 1888 - ?

Pontius, Effie E., 24 Sep 1897 - 10 Nov 1952



































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