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Pontius-Related Church Records from Pennsylvania



Aaronsburg Lutheran Church (Records of Protocol Book - excerpt)

Aaronsburg, Centre County, PA

http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb (contributed by Jillian C. Ingold, ingoldji@msu.edu)


Parents Name of Child Born Baptism Date Sponsor(s)
Geo. Schwartz & Eva Rosina Daniel 4/22/1803 7/17/1803 Geo. Pontius & Catherine
Joh. Wm. Pontius & Margaretha no name 4/12/1802 5/9/1802 John Willaman & Magd. Schucka
Adam Klinger & Mary Catherine 1/15/1796 5/29/1796 Geo. Pontius & Julianna
Daniel Kreamer & Margaretha George Dan 10/3/1795 11/8/1795 George Pontius & Catherine



Zion (Blue Mountain) Church

Near Straustown, Upper Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, PA


The baptisms from 1753 on were probably performed by Ludwig Lupp.  Earlier baptisms were entered in Ludwig Lupp's hand but it is unlikely he performed them.  This is not necessarily a comprehensive list.


Parents Name of Child Baptism Date Sponsor(s)
John Pontius & wife Nicholas Nov. 22, 1749 Nicholas Pontius & wife
Nicholas Pontius & wife * George Feb. 25, 1753 George Zollner & wife
Nicholas Pontius & wife John Frederick Mar. 31, 1766 John Frederick Wolf & wife
Nicholas Pontius & wife Ludwig Henry Oct. 30, 1768 (born Oct. 7) Ludwig Lupp & wife
Nicholas Pontius & wife John George Apr. 9, 1770 George Berger & wife
Daniel Pontius & wife John George Apr. 14, 1776 John Geo. Schlessmann & wife
Conrad Raber & wife Daniel Aug. 8, 1784 Nicholas Pontius & wife
Philip Klaar & wife Daniel Feb. 10, 1785 Daniel Pontius & wife
Conrad Raber & wife Anna Margaret May 21, 1786 (b. Mar. 14) Conrad Raber & wife
Philip Klaar & wife Daniel Feb. 10, 1785 Daniel Pontius & wife
Daniel Pontius & wife John Frederick Dec. 10, 1789 (b. Aug. 19) Conrad Raber & wife
Conrad Trevitz & Maria Eva Conrad July 26, 1795 (b. June 15, 1793) Conrad Raber & Maria

* Most people believe that this George was the son of John & Anna Catherine Zeller Pontius.  This baptismal record was copied correctly from the transcript, but the transcript could be in error, as could the original handwritten record.  Nicholas had a later child named George (bapt. 1770), and it is unusual for a later child to be named the same as a surviving older child.  In addition, the transcript states that the early baptisms were probably not performed by Ludwig Lupp, and he could have erred when hand-copying another minister's baptismal records.


Host Church (St. John's Reformed)

Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, PA


October 16, 1757

A daughter was brought to Holy Baptism

Parents:  Jacob Wilhelm & wife Anna Barbara

Witness:  Abelonia Beller

Name of child:  Maria Abelony, born October 3, 1757


Maria Abelonia, wife of Johann Nicolaus Pontius, bore a daughter, November 20, 1778, baptized August 3, 1779.  Sponsors Jacob Willhelm & wife.  Name of the child, Anna Catherine.  Bapt. by Rev. Stoy.


Maria Abelonia, wife of Johann Nicolaus Pontius, bore a son, January 18, 1782, baptized January 29, 1782.  Sponsors Johann Adam Wilhelm & wife.  Name of the child, Johann Adam.  Bapt. by Rev. Stoy.


Eva, wife of Abraham Pontius, bore a daughter November 2, 1802, baptized May 22, 1803. Sponsor Elizabeth Stettler.  Name of the child, Elizabeth.



Baptismal Records of John Casper Stoever


John Pontius married Anna Catarina Zoeller, January 14, 1743 at Tulpehocken.


Johannes of Peter Hoffman, born March 11, 1747, baptized March 15, 1747.  Sponsors Johannes Pontius & wife.


John Heinrich Pontius, son of Johannes & wife of Swatara, born Feb. 24, 1744, baptized April 1, 1744.  Sponsors Heinrich Zoeller and wife.


John Peter Pontius, son of Johannes & wife, born October 22, 1747, baptized October 25, 1747.  Sponsors Peter Hoffman & wife.


Johannes Pontius, son of Johannes & wife, born August 16, 1751, baptized August 18, 1751.  Sponsors Johannes Schnaebel & wife.



Trinity Tulpehocken Church, Lebanon County


John George Pontius married Catherine Mayer, April 27, 1800


John Pontius, son of William Pontius and wife Susanna, born March 25, 1811, baptized April 7, 1811.



St. Paul's (Klopp's), Lebanon County


Anna Margaret of Frederick Wolf and Barbara, born August 26, 1774, baptized February 27, 1775.  Sponsors Nicholas Ponzius and Anna Margaret.



St. Michael's and Zion, Philadelphia, PA


Joh. David Pontius married Anna Eliz. Weidmann, January 13, 1774


Johannes Pontius, bapt. July 18, 1775; parents Johann Adam and Elizabeth.


Anna Barbara Pontius, bapt. April 23, 1777; parents John David and Anna Elizabeth.



Schwartzwald Reformed Church

Register Book of William Boos


Johann Peter Pontius, son of David and ------, nine weeks old, bapt. October 24, 1786.  Sponsors: Peter Geyer and wife Maria.


Nicholas Schupp married Elisabetha Pontius of Brecknock, Lancaster County, on September 21, 1790.



Baptismal Records of Rev. Waldschmidt


Anna Maria of David Pontius and Anna Elizabeth, born August 11, 1784, baptized September 12, 1784.  Sponsors Jacob Hoffer and Anna.



DeLong's Reformed Church


Maria Elizabeth Colemann, daughter of Jacob and Maria Elizabeth, born March 28, 1775, baptized April 23, 1775.  Sponsors Marx Pontius and Maria Elisabeth.  (Note:  There was a Jacob Kulmann on the ship's list of the Pennsylvania Packet, on which David Pontzius and Marx Pontzius arrived in 1768.)



Atolheo Lutheran Church


Wilhelm of Martin Pontzius and Barbara, b. August 8, 1785, bapt. Oct. 16, 1785.  Sponsors Hannickel Pontzius and Margreth.


Johannes of Daniel Pontius, b. June 10, 1774; bapt. June 26, 1774.  Sponsors Johannes Pontius and Elisabetha Emrichen.


Johann Georg of Martin Ponzius and Maria Barbara, born January 29, 1783, bapt. March 16, 1783. Sponsors Michael Rith and Margreth.


Gabriel and Johannes of Hannickel Ponzies and Anna Maria, b. March 16, 1790, bapt. April 25, 1790.  Sponsors Hannickel Ponzius and Margareth and Johannes Kremer and Margareth.


Magthalena and Anna Maria of Daniel Kramer, b. July 17, 1776, bapt. July 21, 1776.  sponsors Jacob Kramer and wife and Henrich Berger and Anna Maria Pontius.


Maria Elisabeth of Peter Haas and Elisabeth, b. July 23, 1779, bapt. August 8, 1779.  Sponsors Martin Pontius, single, and Maria Barbara Emrichin, single.


Maria Magdalena of Johannes Kreitzer and Sara, b. March 29, 1780, bapt. May 15, 1780.  Sponsors Martin Pontius and Magdalena Kreitzerin, both single.


John Willhelm o fPeter Pontius and Catharina, b. January 17, 1784, bapt. March 17, 1784.  Sponsors Joh. Nicolas Pontius and Margretha.



Schwaben Creek (Himmel Lutheran & Reformed), Northumberland County


Martin Pontius was a communicant, November 9, 1787.


From Central Pennsylvania Marriages (1700-1896)

Compiled y Dr. Charles Adam Fisher, F.I.A.G., 1945


Miscellaneous Marriages (1700-1896)


Date Married Groom Bride (Father) County of Marriage
1/14/1743 Pontius, John Anna Catherine Zellers Union County
1814 Pontius, Philip Abigail Thompson (Benjamin) Union County
9/11/1832 Pontius, J. Frederick Mary Ann Larrabee (Dr. John Union County
9/5/1862 Pontius, John N. Sarah J. Dreisbach Union County
8/24/1824 Pontius, Conrad, of Ohio Mary Seebold (Christopher Jr.) Union County


Marriages Performed by Rev. J. G. Anspach, Lutheran Pastor, Mifflinburg, Union Co., PA


Date Groom Bride County
2/21/1839 James Irwin Pontius, Amelia Union County


Marriages of Rev. J. P. Shindel, 1835-1887, Snyder and Union Counties, PA


Date Groom Bride Township
6/8/1855 Pontius, Samuel Mary Ann Courtney Middlecreek Twp.
6/6/1869 Roth, Frederick Sarah J. Pontius Beaver Twp.
8/3/1848 Kline, George Sarah Pontius Beavertown
8/3/1848 Etzler, Franklin Sarah Pontius Center Twp.


Marriages of Rev. A. B. Casper, 1839-1882, Snyder and Union Counties, PA


Date Groom Bride Township
8/4/1846 Pontius, Henry Rebecca Mitchell West Beaver Twp
9/25/1852 Pontius, John N. Sarah Dreisbach Mifflinburg
10/25/1846 Romig, Jacob Lydia Pontius ?
11/17/1859 Stocker, Mathias Mary Ann Pontius Jackson Twp.


Marriages of Rev. C. G. Erlenmeyer, 1840-1875, Snyder County, PA


Date Groom Bride Township
12/26/1861 Benfer, Daniel Cath. Marg. Pontius Jackson Twp.
8/23/1860 Pontius, George Susan Bickle Freeburg
6/9/1864 Straub, John S. Catherine Pontius Washington Twp.
1/11/1856 Woodling, Eli Mary Pontius Penn Twp.


Revolutionary Soldier Marriages


Date Groom Bride County
ca. 1770 Pontius, Lt. Henry Catherine Wolf Union Co.
2/--/1778 Pontius, Nicholas Maria Appolonia Wilhelm Union Co.