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The Pontius Family DNA Project


In an effort to isolate the various Pontius-Punches and similar-surnamed lines, the DNA Project was formed by Jim Punches and has been collecting basic ancestry DNA data.  There is now enough data to get some real comparisons of the origins of the various Pontius families in the US and around the world.  If you are part of one of the un-connected Pontius families (you haven't proven kinship to Nicholas or Johannes, the most famous immigrants), you might glean new information from becoming part of the project.  See the section below, "Getting Involved in the Pontius DNA Project," for more information on the project and how to participate.


Below are the project results to date.


Please note that, in some cases, the names of the individuals tested are fictitious to protect the identity of those members.  Additionally, we would like to point out that each of the three members in the William Henry Punches group descends from a different son of William Henry.


DNA Results Chart


Getting involved in the Pontius DNA Project


Would you like to add a scientific layer of evidence to your genealogical research?  The Pontius DNA Project does just that.  A simple swab enables Family Tree DNA to determine your genetic markers and haplotype and compare it with other contributing family members who descend from males with Pontius, Pontzius, Pontious, Punches, Poncey, and other similar surnames.  Your identity is protected and your name will not be revealed at any time unless you give your specific permission. 


In the testing for the DNA project, no medical information is collectedFurthermore, the DNA sequences used in this testing cannot reveal medical information.  They tell nothing about the participant's genetic heritage except paternal ancestry.


By comparing DNA information, you can add a valuable and accurate layer of scientific evidence to confirm genealogical connections.  The more participation, the more meaningful the results will become.  Be a part of it!  


For more information on how DNA testing is done, costs, how to join the project and how to read the data, go to Pontius Family DNA Project.