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Family of George & Elizabeth (Beard) Punches


Submitted by James E. Punches


George Punches, born in 1821, was the 4th child of Peter and Margaret (Hager) Punches.  Peter, known as Peter Sr., was born about 1785 in Pennsylvania and is the earliest known ancestor in this family line.  He was first documented in Pickaway County, Ohio in 1811 when he married Margaret Hager. 


Peter & Margaret Punches lived among the Pontious families in Pickaway County but no connection to those families has been found.  Around 1831 Peter and Margaret moved their family to Hancock County, Ohio, where it appears they lived for the rest of their lives.  No grave has been found for either Peter Sr. or Margaret; they last appeared in the 1860 census. 


George and Elizabeth (Beard) Punches moved to Allegan, Michigan in the 1850's and spent the rest of their lives there.  Their children settled mainly in Allegan and Kent Counties.