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Henry County, Ohio Marriage Records



Henry County Genealogical Society, http://henrycountyohiogenealogy.org/databases.htm



Pontius/Pontious Spouse Date Notes
Orphia Pontias Charles Cunningham 6 Oct 1877  
Ida Pontious Frank Rigger 27 Oct 1885 Banns
Della Pontious George W. Orndorff 24 Nov 1887 Wauseon, Ohio
Clara Pontious George W. Shoemaker 9 Jun 1888 Liberty Center, Ohio
Susanna Pontius Samuel Edgar 9 Nov 1858 On app of bride's father
Mary Ann Pontius George Edgar 7 Jun 1863 On app of Daniel Pontius
Alverda Pontius Orwing E. Huddle 19 Sep 1895 Napoleon, Ohio
Nancy Almeda Punches Peter Lefler 1 Jul 1869 On app of George W. Edwards
Emma Jane Punches Isaac Newton Shively 15 Apr 1875 On app of Peter P. Punches
Margaret Punches Nicholas Jackman 8 Feb 1876  
Mary Punches John F. Rayle 24 Jun 1883 On app of Silas R. Christman
Cora Punches Frank Stanfield 9 Jun 1890 Hamler, Ohio
William Pontius Catherine Foster 15 Sep 1859  
Edson B. Pontius Emily V. Stevens 5 Feb 1871  
Peter Pontious/Punches Eliza Ann Golden 9 Sep 1869 Bride <18, father's consent
Wesley Pontious Mary Jane Wilcox 3 Jul 1866  
Cornelius Pontious Mary E. Fink 11 Apr 1875  
George W. Pontious Emma Shasteen 6 Apr 1891 Napoleon, Ohio
Peter A. Punches Lillie B. Bailor 8 Apr 1884 Hamler, Ohio
Henry A. Punches Ida F. Dove 29 Sep 1894 Hamler, Ohio