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American Pontius Lines


William Pontius (immigrated to Plymouth in 1633), descendents unknown

Johannes Pontius (b. 1717, immigrated September 9, 1738, ship Glasgow)

Nicholas Pontius (b. c1728, believed to have immigrated 1738, ship Glasgow)

John Christian Puntzius (estimated to have been born by 1740, took the Oath of Allegiance in 1762, was a tailor, lived in New York City, NY, listed in census record of 1790)

Johann Adam Pontius, immigrated 1747 to Pennsylvania from Birkenfeld. 

David and Marcus Pontzius (immigrated October 1768, ship Pennsylvania Packet)

John Pontious (born 1770-1780, resided in Ross County, Green Twp, OH; apparent father of Barbara Pontious born 1813 in Ohio, m. John Spees Ross County, OH in 1832)

Peter Pontious/Punches (born c.1785, Pennsylvania)

Charles (Johann Karl) Pontius (b. 1800, apparently a Great-Nephew of immigrants Johannes & Nicholas Pontius, Immigrated August 1846 on Bark Paoli into Baltimore.)

Peter Pontius (born c1812, immigrated from Prussia prior to 1850)

Jakob Pontius (b. c1820 in Germany, immigrated 1854 with his family, resided in Buffalo, Erie County, NY.

John Charles Pontius (b. 1838 in Alsace-Lorraine, immigrated to Chicago in 1860)

Abraham Pontius (b. Jan 1849 in Germany, immigrated 1881, resided and died in Shelby County, Tennessee)



According to the Chronik der Pontius-Familien, Nicholas Pontius, b. 1784 married Anna Maria Weirich of Landscheid.  After the wedding the family lived in Landscheid.  Of the ten children born to this family, five of them - brothers Johannes, Bernad, Jacob, Nicholas, and Cornelius - emigrated to North America.  They lived in Chicago, IL and Todd County, MN.  The eldest brother, Johannes Matthias Pontius, b. 1813, remained in Landscheid and his descendants, through son Petrus (b. 1823), still bear the name in that area.  His son, Matthias (b. 1856), however, went to Chicago like his uncles.

Johannes Pontius (b. 1818)

Bernardus Pontius (born 1821, d. 1897)

Jacobus Pontius (b. 1825,d. 1913), settled in Ramsey County, St. Paul, MN

Nicholas Pontius (b. 1828, immigrated 1842, settled in Todd County, Minnesota)

Cornelius Pontius (b. 1835, d. 1876), settled in Stearns, MN

Matthias Pontius (b. 1856, son of Petrus (b. 1823), Matthias married Margaret Klein after moving to Chicago, IL.)



Five European Pontius Lines



Below are the five European lines as identified by Rudi Pontius in his book, Eine Chronik der Pontius-Familien, in which he traces these lines forward to the current generation. 


1 - Niclas, of Eborn, Germany, from whom appears to have come the Johannes, Nicholas, Abraham & Charles (Johann Karl) lines in America

2 - Franz, of Hoppstadten, Germany, which is near Eborn; source of the Jakob Pontius family of Erie Co, NY

3 - Matthias, who moved around the area of Hunsruck and was a shepherd;

4 - Matthias, who sometimes had surname Pontzin, from Bettenfeld, Germany, from whom came the Nicholas Pontius line of Todd County, Minnesota

5 - Velten, of Ostheim, which was in the Alsace area


The book is about 500 pages and is copyrighted.  If you are from a European line, or if you have traced your ancestry back to its immigrant, and would like to know whether your line has been documented in this book, contact the webmaster with a lookup request.


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