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10/1/06 Pontius Woman who married John B. Thompson Jr. & daughter Mary who married Jeremiah Black
An unknown Pontius woman married John B. Thompson, Jr., and together they had a daughter Mary.  The Pontius woman died at some point, and Thompson remarried a Jane McCord with whom he had eight children.  Mary is reported to have taught her step siblings how to cook, sew and take care of the house.  She married Jeremiah Black and reportedly visited her Pontius kin quite often.  It is uncertain but I believe Mary may have been born about 1787 and she died 27 Jan 1865.  In 1822 the Blacks moved to Bowman's Mill, which is between Rohrsburg and Orangeville in Columbia.  All this data was given to me by a Black family member and was written down by a great grandmother in the late 1800's.   

The plat map shows property in Buffalo Valley which is just west of Mifflinburg in Union Co Pa.  Frederick Pontius owned this property which was located next to John Thompson. Also located adjacent was Benjamin Thompson, he was no relation to my family line.  Due to the vicinity of the farms it is possible that Mary's mother might be related somehow to Frederick Pontius. 

I have been in touch with the Pontius Assoc. and no one seems to have any records of a Mary Pontius in their records.  Hoping again to bring this mystery to the front burner and try and locate Mary's mother.

Ken Thompson
12/4/06 Milton Pontius Children (photo found) Joe Cannon rescued a photo of the children of Milton Pontius in an antique store.  His post from the Ancestry.com message board:

"In an antique shop in akron OH I found an old cabinet card photo by an Akron photographer with the following written on it:

Milton Pontius children
Alvin, Lewis, Henry, Rena

I believe these are the children of Milton Pontious and Catherine Brumbaugh:

Irvin A Pontius
Anna Irena Pontius
Lewis Loyal Pontius
John Henry Pontius

They lived in Portage and Stark Co Ohio


Here is a link to the scanned photo for viewing:  Milton Pontius Children Photo

Here is the hyperlink to the Ancestry board so you can respond to Joe's query if you are a relative:


Joe Cannon (see link)
1/15/07 John Pontius of Hocking County, OH Robyn McGregor is a PFA member working on supplemental application to the DAR concerning lineage from Nicholas (N1) through his son Daniel and then to Daniel's son John (b. 1774) who settled in Hocking County, Ohio, and finally to John's son John George (b. 1803). 

She is seeking any documentation (book reference, will, deeds) that will show a connection between John and his son John George.  If you are part of this line or can point Robyn to any information that will help, please contact by email using the link in this query.

Robyn McGregor